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The Turntable Restaurant is an iconic location that has anchored the Town of Minturn for decades, providing American comfort food in a neighborhood setting.

Long time Vail valley locals, Ryan, Steve and Mike, took over the restaurant in May of 2016.  Drawing upon their knowledge and experience from running the Westside Cafe in Vail since 2002, they now offer the Town of Minturn residences & guests a similar dining experience.

The Turntable offers amazing and unique breakfast, lunch and dinner dishes served by friendly smiles that will keep you returning again and again.

Additionally, we do a ton of catering at all times of the day, at all locations! If interested in catering, please call: 970-827-4764.

If you have any thoughts of improvement or otherwise, please, don’t hesitate to speak up. Most conveniently, our e-mail is Eat@TurntableRestaurant.com and is checked daily.  If you wish to complain to a manager or owner, please write your complaint on a $100 bill and turn it in at the restaurant.

Ryan, Mike & Steve are entrepreneurs at heart and have built and sold 2 other restaurants in Vail.  We are always looking for opportunities.  If you’d like to discuss an opportunity please email them at Eat@TurntableRestaurant.com.

Hope to see you soon!