The Turntable Restaurant, located in historic Minturn, Colorado, captures the characteristics and ambiance of the old railroad town that was established in 1904. In 1962, Vail ski resort was developed just a few miles East of Minturn. In 1982, Beaver Creek ski resort was developed just a few miles to the West. The Town of Minturn, very unique and individualistic in it’s own right, is a quiet town that offers locals and visitors alike a nice place to escape the limelight of the ski resorts. When you’re ready to experience a true mountain town and really connect with the Rocky mountains, come to Minturn. It’ll hug you the minute you arrive and you’ll always carry a piece with you wherever you may go. We look forward to seeing you around our town and we’ll be quick to flash a welcoming smile or greet you with an honest handshake.

Our restaurant namesake, the ‘Turntable’ is an old railroad reference to the piece of track that turns rail cars 180 degrees to go back the direction from which they came. As you can imagine, there aren’t many Turntables along the rail lines. However, one of them was positioned right where the restaurant now stands. Since it’s such a unique part of railroad history, it’s fitting to name the restaurant in it’s honor. The restaurant has been here for over 50 years. In 2017, we took it over, gave it a quick face lift and remodel and continued down the tracks (pun intended….sorry, couldn’t help ourselves) with the same name it’s had for years, the Turntable.

We’re excited to revive the Turntable and provide the community, locals and visitors a place they can enjoy casual American comfort food with family, friends and co-workers alike. Or, maybe it’ll be that place where you meet your new life-long friend and start creating memories together. Whatever your occasion, we’re happy to serve you. Relax, smile and stay a while, we’ll take care of the rest. We’re happy to have you here with us.